Hawker Hurricane Mk I , 1/72 scale model kit

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Hurricane – Legend of the Battle of Britain

Hawker Hurricane is an unique aeroplane. She did not have the beauty and performance of the Spitfire, and she was not the most modern plane of her time. And when in the summer of 1940 she stood in the way of the Luftwaffe air raids in the very heart of England, her career as a fighter was coming to an end. And that’s when, in this darkest hour for the free world, she took all the burden on herself. Hurricane fighters for the first in the Wartime stopped and repulsed the armed forces of Nazi Germany. Immediately after the Battle of Britain, Hurricane was replaced as a fighter by the Spitfire and moved to the role of an assault aircraft. Her merit, however, has not been entirely forgotten.

…Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few…

Sir Winston Churchill, 21 August 1940

Hurricane Model Kit from Arma Hobby

Arma Hobby presents the preview of Hawker Hurricane Mk I plastic models in 1/72 scale. This is the first replica of this aeroplane in many years, precisely in the version from the Battle of Britain. The characteristic feature is correctly reproduced “metal wings” armed with eight powerful machine guns .303 in calibre.

Model kit release is planned for the first half of November 2018. Prepared are two different boxings:

  • Hawker Hurricane Mk I Expert Set for internediate/advanced modeller including superdetailing accessories
  • Hawker Hurricane Mk I Junior Set for beginners and for the collectors looking for quick-built kits
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Hurricane 303 Squadron

Arma Hobby Hurricane model is especially recommended to modellers interested in the history of the 303 Squadron. A great inspiration for them will be two coming this summer movies: “Hurricane: Squadron 303” and “Dywizjon 303”. The model includes insignia of such Aces as Urbanowicz, Zumbach, Frantisek and others.

Hurricane Urbanowicz

Model Features

A well-reproduced fuselage of a mixed construction and metal wings surface

  •      Detailed interior of the cockpit
  •      Details of the inside of the wheel bays
  •      Canopy in both open and closed position
  •      Optional tropical version
  •      Two types of propeller blades  and three types of propeller spinner
  •      Photo-etched plates with details (Expert Set)
  •      Cockpit and wheel masks (Expert Set)
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Hurricane model kit renders

hurricane mk i overview

hurricane - wygląd ogólny

Hurricane Interior

Hurricane undercarriage

Radiator and tropical filter

Engine and propellers

Fuselage and cockpit canopy

Tailplanes and wing detail

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General View

Hurricane MK I, Arma Hobby 1/72

fuselage side view hurricane mk i

Plastic parts



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